Milk Chocolate

A classic, timeless delicacy that has retained the name of The Confectioners Shop throughout its days. An emblem of oomph and a smile wrapped in chocolate.

White Chocolate

For those who require an alternate taste, and have a sweet tooth for the whites of chocolate. This is the one for you, creamy white chocolate that will definitely achieve.

Dark Chocolate

Welcome to the Dark side “Literally”, our dark chocolate is not only tasty and rich, but is the healthier choice with less sugars and Milk.


Our Classical Milk chocolate strawberry covered with hazelnuts.


Layers is the word, you start with simple strawberry, cover it with marshmallow not crispy but mellow enough to expand with every bite, and last but not least a layer of milk chocolate.


A strawberry on a pedestal of cookies. Completely situated and supported by chocolate and nothing else.

Apple Pie

"Tarte aux Pommes”  the French equivalent of an apple pie, a upper crust less apple domino madness with a custard dressing and a cinnamon aroma.

Chocolate Fudge

Luscious dense chocolate layered on a crumbly crunchy crust.

Banana Cream Pie

A dreamy cream based banana filling with banana bits encrusted on a crunchy crust that lingers with notes of caramel and brown sugar.

Pumpkin Pie

A fragrant holiday flavored pie with a whipped cream topping that satisfies your sentiments.

The Confectioners Blend by Vigilante Coffee, Washington D.C. - USA

This blend was specifically crafted after meticulously cupping several coffees and is only available at the Confectioner's Shop franchise outlets. We began by roasting unique coffees to individual perfection, then balanced these coffees together to create this special blend.  The Indonesian Sumatran brings notes of dark chocolate and caramel, while its low acidity pairs well with the Brazilian beans which offer nutty and milk chocolate flavors. These coffees were specifically chosen to create a rich, dark chocolate and balanced blend that was low in acidity that would pair well with the delicious, artisan offerings at the Confectioner's Shop.